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Introducing our New Friends Belt and Friends Fanny Packs!

Introducing our New Friends Belt and Friends Fanny Packs!

This week we have three new releases! All themed to the pop culture classic TV show "Friends". The collection includes a new belt, and two fanny pack designs. The belt is a 1.5" width (so it fits through belt loops) black vegan leather belt with gold hardware shaped like the iconic picture frame on Monica's apartment door, you can find it here. It ranges in sizes from 24.5" waist to a 46" waist. 

We also have two fanny packs! One is a one-zipper pocket design with the "Friends" logo. The other is a three-zipper pocket design with the cast featuring Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey

We are super excited to introduce our first Friends belt in this popular sleek style we've began rolling out this past year, and hope you enjoy this new collection. Could a Friends fandom BE anymore fashionable? 

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