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Seatbelt Buckle Dog Collars by Buckle-Down

Accessorize your pet’s collar with your favorite cartoon character or super hero for sale at Buckle-Down. From Disney and DC Comics to simple patterns and prints, we have the perfect Buckle-Down pet collar for your furry friend to wear. We know how important it is for your pet to have a heavy-duty collar made of strong materials. That’s why all of our seat belt buckle dog collars are made with a 100% polyester durable strap and steel hardware; you won’t have to worry about it slipping off or accidentally breaking away. Available in a range of adjustable lengths, we have sizes for pets of all shapes and sizes. The unique seat belt buckle dog collar offers an innovative design your pet will love showing off. Conveniently clicks on and off just like a seatbelt buckle. Invest in a Buckle-Down pet collar – you won’t be disappointed. Choose from thousands of designs featuring your favorite characters!